Sunday, April 16, 2017

Eagle's Wings

Today I felt I was borne on eagle's wings. I drove from KK at 6am and reached the College before 8am. I joked when I started preaching that I broke my record of travel time from KK to Namaus. The traffic was as smooth as it could be and the weather was as clear as the sun rose on me but shielded by clouds most of the time so the driving conditions were near perfect. When I climbed the hills of Tamparuli on the way to Mount Kinabalu I traversed valleys and mountains. In the early morning mist and clouds usually cover parts of the journey as it did this morning and my fog lights were on throughout my drive to Ranau.
It was like ascending and descending the heavenlies borne on eagle's wings. As tedious as it could be today my energy level was high as I was returning to preach on Resurrection Sunday. It came about unexpectedly and it would not have happened if I did not turn down a speaking engagement during Passover weekend. As my colleagues were elsewhere on ministry or vacation I was the only teacher present at Chapel this morning and half the student body remained at College during the long weekend. They listened to me preach from 1 Cor 15 where I shared 4 or 5 points on the Resurrection of Jesus. I saw many students wearied in spirit and exhorted them to guard their spiritual lives in the Lord in these times of deadline pressures towards the end of the first Semester in less than one month's time. As the Chapel is not air-conditioned and it gets really warm by 10am I preached for 45 minutes sweating profusely but yet feeling that I had been borne on eagle's wings and that my preaching was my act of worship for the Lord who died and rose again for me.

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