Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Series of Sermons

Good things come in fours. Tomorrow I shall be preaching my fourth sermon in 5 days. After Sunday morning sermon in one of the SIB churches in KK, I drove back to Namaus late afternoon to preach at the evening service for men. It was one of the toughest rides yet as it was heavy rain most of the way with thick fog. But my mind was stayed on the sermon so I did not feel much tiredness after a 3 hour long journey. I reached Namaus at 7,30pm sharp and arrived at the Chapel 5 minutes late and the male students numbering about 35 were all ther waiting for me. Yesterday was very eventful because I only realized that I was up for preaching within the hour.
A group of 24 Korean men and their wives came visiting and I was told that one of the two Korean Reverends would be preaching.  Then the bombshell came that no one was ready to preach and as the Chaplain I was told to stand in. Preached I did and I preached for 10 minutes in Malay translated to Korean and it was one of my more powerful messages in recent months. I thank God that after a bout of illness that took the sails out of me and was laid low for 2 weeks, I could still rise to the pulpit by the strength of God and His alone. Who is adequate for these things says the apostle Paul? For our adequacy comes from the Lord. Tomorrow I shall be speaking on prayers to launch our Prayer Month. I shall be speaking on 1 John 5,4 and the James passages on prayers from chapter 1 to ch. 5 on Elijah's prayers as model for us all.

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