Monday, March 20, 2017

Aging & Responsibility

When I celebrated my birthday last year the verse that came to me was from Psalm 102 "youth renewed like the eagle's". But when I fell ill early last month and took a while to recover I felt I had aged beyond my years. But aging is as much as in the mind as it is a physical process. In the middle of last year when I had nothing not even an appointment or ministry but I had just completed 6 months where I had responsibility for the College, the church and a busy itinerant ministry. It was the burden of ministry that was exhilarating and with that I felt my youth was renewed like the eagle's. No wonder many studies have shown how people quickly age when they retire or stop work.
As for me I relish the challenge of multiple tasking and manifold responsibility. Now I feel old because I have much less responsibility with just teaching my courses. Obviously one cannot turn a blind eye to things around you which adds to grief and aging even as Ecclesiastes says that those with knowledge will sorrow more and sorrows can add a wrinkle or two. The only outlet I have now is my itinerant ministry which I take it upon myself as a cross that I must bear for Christ's sake in order to bring the Word of God to those living in places that famous or well known preachers will not go. Did not Jesus say of John, "did you go out to see a prophet? I tell you truly John is more than a prophet for rich preachers live in 5 star hotels but God's servants go to the hills and mountains to look for and care for God's flock...Lord are we not the sheep of Your pasture?

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