Monday, July 10, 2017

Misty Mountains

I don't remember for a long time having so much rain since the start of the year. If it keeps raining it will be one of the wettest years on record. Yesterday I started half an hour earlier for my drive back to Ranau from KK. On the horizon over the hills of Tamparuli I saw dark clouds menacing with heavy rains to follow. As soon as I started my ascent at Tamparuli it poured cats and dogs and it rained all the way to Kundasang before it let up with intermittent showers from Kundasang to Ranau.
Rarely I had to take more than 2 hours for the 95kms trip from my home in KK to Ranau. It was also misty and foggy throughout and for a long time my headlights with fog lamps were turned on until Kundasang. This is surely the toughest part of my assignment serving in a College some 2 and a half hours drive from KK. So by 9.30pm I hit the sag and somewhat due to below 20 degree Celcius temperatures I slept well without the need of a fan. Early morning was especially chilly and I wore a jumper to keep warm. By 7.45am I entered the Chapel 5 mins earlier than the start time. The students were 3 minutes late and I told them so after the sermon concluded. It is so easy to let things slide for lack of discipline. This afternoon as I prepared to drive to Ranau from the College it started raining. I had to go to Ranau town to photocopy notes for my students. Misty mountains, muddy roads and rustic surroundings I have come to do the Lord's bidding to feed His flock and train future pastors who in turn will feed others.

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