Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Theological Conferences

It is exactly a year ago that I attended the SBL meeting in Seoul. I shall be attending another Conference in a fortnight's time. One of the highlights was certainly meeting biblical scholars around the world. I shared a taxi with a Korean American Professor who taught at Harvard Divinity School. As I paid for the taxi fare about 12,000 won he bought me a latte coffee at Yonsei University cafe and we chatted. He was in his early 40s and had already published 4 monographs.
After listening to him sharing about his doctoral study and current teaching I managed to chip in that I had also published one monograph and I could see that he was duly impressed perhaps not expecting someone from north Borneo also published. The other person whom I managed to share my missionary experience with was a Hong Kong Professor who attended my talk on Revelation. Well sometimes by chance you bumped into some famous Professor and even got a snap for keeps' sake (Prof Emanuel Tov, Hebrew and Greek LXX Bible scholar)

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