Friday, July 14, 2017

Preaching, Leading & Theological Training

When I was Acting Principal I preached every Tuesday for 20 mins and once a month in the Chapel's Sunday services. As a leader of any institution it is important to preach regularly just like a church pastor preaching to his flock. Jesus leads his people whether a church or seminary through His Word. God's leaders will preach God's Word to make His will known to those we lead in God's name. Yesterday I preached for 22 minutes in Chapel. It was not my turn but as I shall be away on 23rd July I decided to preach, having preached only once this Semester in the Opening Service exactly a month ago. The theme for July is taken from Eccles 3,1 "there is a time for everything". I started by explaining from Gen 1,14 where a Hebrew word, moedim means appointed times and it is used in regard to feasts of the Lord as God's appointed times for His people. I said that Jesus did not die on any day but on the 14th Nisan being the Day of the Passover and the Holy Spirit did not come down on any day but on the Feast of Pentecost. Likewise we must ask what God's appointed times are for us personally and for the College.
So I testified that despite a busy schedule where my HQ asked me to speak twice on two different State wide events I gave priority as a lecturer at College in marking my papers and exams scripts which I submitted at the beginning of the new Semester. Likewise as students they must know God's appointed time for themselves which is to study and learn. They should give priority to studying and learning God's Word as much as possible to sharpen their sword, the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God. I shared with them again how I spent on average 20 hours a week in my undergraduate study in theology learning Hebrew and Greek. I told them I would not have been able to pick up the word moedim in Gen 1,14 if not for my knowledge of Hebrew. And in my Romans and Hebrews class often I turned to the Greek text and Hebrew and LXX to explain OT background to the New Testament. I have prioritised teaching and taking less speaking invitations elsewhere. In fact soon after my trip to Indonesia, I shall be speaking in a mini Conference for men in Kota Belud over 3 sessions, and then teaching a week long intensive MA course in KK. In my concluding comments in my sermon yesterday I referred to Daniel's life and how he and his friends studied for three years at the University of Babylon in order to serve the King. I told them this verse was especially important for me for when I went for theological study as I know after graduating I shall be serving not a human king but the king of kings and the Lord of Lords.

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