Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Circling the City

In the past several days of Semester break I have been driving from one end of the city to the other. On Monday I took my cousin from France with her two lovely kids to Signal Hill’s Observatory tower and looked over the city from north to south. I will circle the city in the next few days more and in circling conquering for the Lord. I intercede in my spirit when I stop for my coffee breaks and I pray aloud and silently when I am in the car.
I will map out the city and ask for divine direction where to plant the Lord’s church and found a habitation for the Lord. This 1 million strong city is vast in size half of Singapore that is 350sq km. It is very dense in many parts spread out from north to south and from West (coastline) to the East. I live in the north east of the city which is a major gateway to the north Kota Belud onwards to Kudat and to the East Ranau onwards to Sandakan. The larger West Coast District probably has 2 million population while the rest of the State 1 million. The city itself holds a third of the people of Sabah and if God works in Sabah then KK is the most strategic place. In Jesus’ name Sabah for God’s glory.

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