Friday, August 10, 2018

Pre-Dawn Breakfast

I am enjoying a predawn breakfast in Kota Kinabalu. I reached home after a hectic 4 days of ministry at Namaus. We suffered another bout of dry tap for 2 days and whole day no electricity yesterday. I led early morning prayers before the Chapel service and joked that we must pray for the new science technology and innovation minister so that she can truly deliver for Sabahans in terms of stable supply of electricity. We had commenced the 40 Day prayer and fasting on Tuesday until Malaysia Day on 16th September. I felt so fatigued after lectures yesterday and late afternoon’s drive back to KK that I slept before 10pm and got up before 4am and drove to KK city centre at 5am for some predawn breakfast. A number of shops were already open by 5.30am and there are a few 24 hour eateries around. So KK like Singapore but in a smaller version is a city that does not sleep. I read a white paper on KK transport that cited some population figures and my spirit stirred when I read that by 2020 (17months) KK will have more than 1 million inhabitants doubled that of 2015 census when I was a pastor in my home church.
There is much potential for church growth and I already shared with two of my students, two young men that if the church I pastor exceed 400 adults I will call them as my associates. Yesterday after the sermon I took the opportunity to pray for Singapore on her 53rd National Day and shared with the College community how Singapore and Sabah were bound together in the earthquake tragedy of 2015 where ten Singaporeans and six Sabahans perished. I believe as Haggai the prophet spoke God would shake the land and the blessings of the nations will come to the Lord’s house. And with less than 24 hours’ rest by tomorrow’s dawn I shall driving up to Kota Belud for a series of three revival meetings lasting until Sunday.

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