Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Keeping Track

This year I have not travelled as much but my pick up chocked up more than 10,000kms in less than 6 months. I thought I better put down on record my travels for the Lord especially those involving preaching and ministry of the Word. In recent month or two I have preached 4 times at College Chapel most times in my capacity as Chaplain. I could have assigned it to someone else or a senior student but I thought when opportunity comes my way it is important not just in class but in worship I address the College community. I can't remember what I did in the beginning of the year but during the first Semester break in March I travelled to Kiau Teburi a village just before Mount Kinabalu for a day long End time Seminar and preaching on Sunday.
In April I took my home group to a nearby church in SIB Poring, the famous tourist spot among the hotsprings. In May I was occupied with traveling further south to Sipitang just before the General election. The Sunday before that I preached at my former church in Ranau and prayed for two election candidates from the two opposing political parties at two different services and behold both won their seats. Late May I travelled to Keningau for an extension programme on church history and preached the Sunday service at the hosting Church. It was amazing to reconnect with friends and I was told as I was driving back to KK that many church members were blessed with the sermon.

Then in June I preached in a KK city church and I had wonderful lunch fellowship with the mostly young leaders of the church who had recently taken on more senior roles. Then came the bombshell late June barely two weeks into the new Semester after I preached I had to go up again to the pulpit to respond to some remarks made and it was clear that it was time for me to go.

A pastor who loves and serves the Lord should never be afraid there is not for him to do. Last night during the 10 minute break at an HQ seminar, two church leaders spoke to me about becoming their church pastor next year when they knew of my impending departure from the College. Amazing. One proposition was definitely worth praying about but I prefer to stay put in KK or greater KK which will see her population exceeding 1 million by 2020.

On 1st July I preached on tithing according to the OT at Tambunan church. Then I took some of my home group to Nampasan Lama the first village to be evangelised by the pioneer missionaries in late 1930s before the War and after the War converts were still strong in faith and a few local churches were started then. First week of August I had already preached twice more at Chapel and last weekend in Ratau for 3 intense services. This has been my journey in 2018 and the last quarter is approaching fast before our Annual General Assembly in late November.

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