Saturday, August 25, 2018

Time is Nigh

I can’t believe it. When the new teaching terms begins afresh it will be only 5 weeks before my trip to Singapore. I will finish at least two courses on Eschatology and Romans and the Malaysian Constitution class has to be extended to mid October as I just got my Federal Constitution text last week. I bought the whole lot and I shall be offering to churches and church leaders weekend seminars if they want to learn about the foundational document of the country. But alas how many love knowledge as they seem contented with what they know as the saying goes ignorance is bliss. How foolish as Scriptutal text time and time again laud those who pursue knowledge and understanding.
While I can’t wait to return to the city where I belong I will leave with great sadness...much to be accomplished but powerless and I will fight on from outside perhaps that will be more effective. My contacts are Statewide. A Keningau pastor just invited me to preach in his city church. They are moving to their new premise in October maybe just in time for their grand opening. One speaker in the recently concluded Youth Conference where 5,000 youths attended said to me, “Pastor you are the only senior leader who are close to the youth leaders.” I guess he saw my consistency over the decades, some of them barely teenagers now in their late 30s or forties with families and senior pastors in their own right. Time is nigh. Last night I saw a large space in a shopping centre for rent. Is this the place Lord?

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