Monday, September 17, 2018

David’s Struggles

It is often during the holidays I got up the earliest. When you are free to sleep in or get up, the freedom itself gives you that lift in the spirit to do what we want to do and for believers what God wants us to do. I spent a good hour reading the Bible first Psalm 69 slowly and meditatively and then about David’s struggles in 1 Samuel before and after he became king. As David was as talented as it comes people got jealous of him, not just his older brothers but later the king himself, perhaps seeing in David a younger version of himself when he was still anointed when God was still with Saul. Why did God depart from Saul? Saul began to please men rather than God and hence lies the downfall of many men of Gof who at first are devoted to God but when they rise to high posts or positions they begin to forget it was God who put them there in the first place.
Once human considerations come you lose sight of the heavenly calling and vision and begin to play politics in church. So like Saul instead of enlisting David to help him as he once did Saul began to cast an evil eye, became jealous and at the end persecuted David and wanted him dead. Once love turns to hatred you lose God who is love bccuase if you hate your brother there is no eternal life in such a person. David’s struggles were not just with the powers to be but within his own family. When he became king and danced with all his might in God’s glory his wife Michel despised him and most probably David did not sleep with her from thence because it is said Michel was barren and childless which is a curse in those days. What makes David different from Saul and others? David was quick to repent when he sinned and it was his habit to enquire after God in whatever he did. Hence lies the key to leadership - human machinations or God’s specific guidance through prayers?

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