Saturday, September 8, 2018

The Week that Was

If there was a week that I packed as many things as possible it was the past week from last Saturday to Friday. I drove up to Ranau to attend the marriage solemnisation ceremony in my former Ranau church and then attended the wedding reception in the evening. I met with the two politicians who won in the recent election and spoke with both of them. He was generous enough to say it was because of my prayers that he won. Praise be to God. It was his third time lucky. On Sunday I preached an hour long sermon on walking with God. On Monday I tried my best to have all my extension programme courses marked. I only taught 4 courses from March to June but assignments are still coming in.
On Tuesday I made sure my Revelation and Romans lectures notes were ready just making some last minute changes and additions. My Constitutional Class restarted after copies of the Federal Constitution finally arrived in the bookstore. I bought all of them just in case some time in the future I have to teach the course somewhere. Wednesday I lectured on Rev 14-16 and it went well. On Thursday I lectured on the concept of citizenship and the executive powers of the government. In the evening we had our home group and we discussed our plans to visit Kudat in a fortnight’s time. Yesterday I was already feeling fatigued not least we suffered water cuts for three days and I had to carry water from my water tank and for the first time it was down to less than half. The drought and heat wave are relentless and it may take two months before we have any respite. Three hours of Romans 14-15 and with my things packed I drove from Namaus to KK stopping over at Kinabalu parks for lunch. This morning I realised I wasn’t as well as I normally would be. I told myself there are just a few weeks of teaching but more than anything the wearones comes with driving up and down the mountain.

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