Monday, December 10, 2018

Beautiful month of December

There is something special about December. I don’t quite know why and it is certainly not the month long Christmas celebrations within the Christian circles that I move around. It is a combination of factors. It augurs a new start as the year is coming to an end and all failures and disappointments can be put aside and the new year brings new hopes for the future. I have certainly made many life changing decisions in December though months before I have already prayed much and pondered over many things.
My friend, one of my closest but yet a direct opposite of me. He is ultra cautious and spends little though he earns 10 times more than me. If a stranger is to judge, he would think I am the wealthier one. In fact only a few days ago he mentioned that I was much like a well to do Singaporean rather than an out of job SIB pastor among the tribal peoples of Borneo. I guess he saw me typing away at my MacBook drinking coffee at McDonalds, something that was my custom during my 6 years in Singapore. Even my 6-year old pick-up truck looks newer compared to his 10 year old Hilux despite my 65,000 kms rural journeys. December is beautiful because I started full time ministry on the 1st December 1994. I was also ordained two years later on the 6th December 1996 by one of the pioneer missionaries, Pdt Lasan or his real name Rev Keith Napper together with the SIB Sarawak’s President Rev Gerawat Maran. Then yesterday I celebrated 31 years’ anniversary of my admission as barrister and solicitor of the High Court in New Zealand. I count that day as my coming of age barely 23 years old but filled with hope for the future. Now 30 plus years on I am still filled with hope because when the Holy Spirit guides you, you know for certain Jesus is with you always until the end of the age.

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