Friday, December 28, 2018

Rome, Marburg or Aberdeen

Barely a month after the AGM had concluded my friend mentioned to me yesterday that it would not be long before I am back in action. He is surely more optimistic than I am. I told him I was planning to take a whole year off to do some serious writing, God willing. Last few days have been busy for me. I have gone way past 91,000 words for my memoirs and I really have to wrap it up so that I can move on to another project which is the continuation of John’s commentary from Chapter 11. I would love to write a commentary on Revelation one day and as far as OT texts are concerned perhaps start with a short book like the Song of Solomon and then Ezekiel. That would occupy me for the next 5 or 7 years. Then speaking of scholarship, as 2019 beckons, I have a choice of three conferences, Rome for SBL, Germany for SNTS or the triennial OT conference in Aberdeen.

If I attend like 3 years ago in Korea I won’t be representing anyone or seminary except myself. It is ironic that I am an independent scholar now or more correctly God’s scholar if I am foolish enough to boast in the Lord. From my BTh to PhD no church supported me and it has always been the Lord’s remarkable provision that saw me through. No wonder Jesus said “if another comes in his own name you will accept him but I come in my Father’s Name” and no one in the establishment recognised or accepted Jesus. I also come in Jesus’ Name as I represent no one except that the truth of God’s word is in my mouth.

If I made it to Europe, obviously the one in Rome seems to be more probable destination if only because it is a biblical site and it is just 90 mins flight to Greece, another of Pauline mission. I probably have to do it because the European Union is imposing visas from 2020 onwards so next Summer is the last chance to go without the bother of applying for visa here and there. Travelling is indeed a romantic notion either with a wife or girlfriend but today I tried to rope in my best friend. I remember that when I was in Australia for High School my host family has a bestie and the two families took vacations together throughout the year and visit each other home every fortnight or so. How wonderful to have close friends, family friends and male friends like David and Jonathan. Even going off for overseas trip, two are better than one.

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