Sunday, December 2, 2018

On the 8th Day

On the 8th day is biblically significant because Jesus rose on the eighth day, or the first day of the week, our Sunday. Today on Sunday and the 8th day after the AGM I have had time to reflect on many things. I met with several people normally one or two people almost every day except last Monday and Tuesday I visited a home where I laid hands and prayed for the sick. The heat of the battle is waning fast. Victors taste the fruits of victory and vanquished lick their wounds as some might imagine. But I am mighty relieved in so many ways. Now I could really minister freely as freely you receive freely you give.
Even today in church I ministered to the three sets of visitors. One of the visitors was our former church gardener that we had to let go in some difficult circumstances but today he was pleased to see me and acknowledged me again as pastor. I also ministered to an evangelist who came visiting and he asked for my number. Later I was taken out for lunch and drank Peruvian coffee. My good friend told me he was doing it just for me and I appreciated his kind gesture. The only time in Sabah I drank a cup of coffee costing RM16.00.

My elder reminded us just before the holy communion that last week the invited speaker mentioned about Jesus’ words “It’s finished!” Well, at that moment I felt the Lord spoke to me that my work in Sabah is finished. I really need to test this out in coming days and weeks. I told my friends I am as free as a bird. I don’t have familial responsibility. My only son has been working for almost 3 years or 4 if his internship before his final year at varsity is counted. I have no debts and very few will believe that I could go for early retirement if I really want to. When I joked with my neighbour 2 weeks ago that I was retiring and he said I was way too young to do that. I am free. I could return to New Zealand and serve there. After 12 years away from home it would be good to be nearer to my son again. And Auckland is probably the only place I would go because of the warmer winters and its population of about 1.5 million people.

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