Thursday, February 21, 2019

Preaching Again

I was enjoying my satay and jendol at my favourite restaurant in KK city when I got a text inviting me to a home group meeting. It was just past 6.40pm and the home group was supposed to start at 7.30pm. I have not been to this church member’s house for at least 2 years and I somewhat lost my way but met another member who was walking towards the house and showed me the way. This friend happened to be the preacher for the night and he asked me whether I could speak when we were walking up the steps. I hesitated but agreed.
So when dinner was served I did not touch the food as I was praying in my spirit what the Lord would have me speak. Having researched quite a bit on Jesus’ family I forthwith spoke about what was meant as members of Jesus’ family. This homegroup was close to me when I was pastor 15 years ago but times have passed by. Their children have grown up and I prayed for my friend’s grandson who turned 1 year old. It was wonderful fellowship and by God’s grace I spoke well enough on the topic and when we departed many came and thanked me for the message. Although as pastor I have been asked to preach a few times on the spot when the elder or deacon was unable to take up the preaching duty yet it was the unusual for me last night. The important thing was that I was reading the Propehts at home in the afternoon and then when the invitation came my Bible was opened at Psalm 103. “If my words dwell in you ask whatever you wish and it shall be done for you.”

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