Monday, February 11, 2019

Sleepy in Singapore

After a weekend of shopping and church service I was feeling weary and nonplussed. I could not do anything this morning as I was feeling sleepy. But my week-long trip to Singapore has reaffirmed several things. I have no desire to return to Singapore in the near future either for holidays or for ministry in the foreseeable future. I have no particular burden for the people of Singapore as I have for the people of Sabah. Nonetheless, it has been a good break if only to reconfirm that my heart remains in Sabah which I will return in renewed vigour. I have a few friends in Singapore but as years go by since I left Singapore 5 years ago my close friends also dwindled. As they say it is tough to keep long distance relationships alive. But somewhat I felt it was not without purpose I came to the Lion city during the Year of the Pig.
In church yesterday I felt the kindness of a sister who helped me peal off the plastic cover of the bread on the cup for the Lord’s communion. I guess the reason the emblems were packaged in such a way was for health and cleanliness. But it is a step further removed from how Jesus conducted the last supper where the loaf of bread was broken by Jesus’ hands and shared and then wine probably drunk from one cup passed around for the disciples. Not so hygienic for the 21st century but we lost the theology of sharing in joys and sorrows and even the saliva of our brothers and sisters because we are one family in Christ. But obviously many Christians do not feel much warmth towards their spiritual family for at the end time love will grow cold. Then at night after a rather non eventful dinner past 90 minutes, I had the opportunity to share about my conversion experience and the Lord’s calling in my life a year later with a sister. If there was any good I think her faith was strengthened when she heard how Jesus appeared to me in a vision and spoke to me on the 23rd April midnight in 1982. But I am feeling sleepy in Singapore and I hope I will be well rested before I head back to the place where the Lord told me about 6 years ago: “Return to your homeland and I will deal well with you.”

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