Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The wind blows where it wills (John 3)

My 9-day trip to Singapore came to an end. I had wondered whether I made the right decision to go to Singapore on a family matter. At the end nothing was done. On the 2nd day in Singapore I already bought my tickets home. I wanted to return to Sabah straight away but I thought I could not just go without my friend thinking why I was in such a rush. At the end I felt I would just spend a good time just relaxing and twice I managed to use the library of Singapore Bible College including yesterday just before I flew back to Sabah. Even on the flight I prayed to the Lord whether it was worth my while to trouble my friend who had let me stay in his vacant flat. I did not even want to read my Bible but as I listened to my songs in my Samsung hp the Bible app opened in John 3 and when I brought my eyes closer I read that “the wind blows as it wills so is everyone who is born of the Spirit”.
In the Greek there was a play on words for pneuma translated spirit can also be a word for wind though in Greek you have another word for that as well. What Jesus is saying is that a spiritual man borne by the Spirit does not know where he is going because all he cares for is being led by the Spirit. At that moment I felt justified making my Singaporean trip. I landed back in Sabah with renewed vigour and energy. I know the Lord has called me back to the land of my birth and I am not going to leave it when the church is at a great decline and even State politics are in a shambles. It is the Spirit that blows where He wills and if He wills that I am in Sabah, may the Lord’s will be done for Jesus’ sake.

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