Friday, February 8, 2019

Scholars & Society

One of the things I emphasised in my last NT theology class when I lectured on anthropology was that human beings were created to live in society and designed for fellowship. We need friendships and fellowship and that is part of being a person or anthropos in the Greek. We are created to be in relationships with one another and it is always painful when relationships break down and friendship turns sour or worse into enmity. I remember in the past two months of last year I did not know who were my friends or my enemies. There was much whispering and slander here and there especially when the elections of leaders drew near.
I read a verse in Ecclesiastes that one does not know whether it is love or hate and all is vanity. Today I felt that my scholarly training came to the fore again. Not many people love to read academic journals but I thrived in them. I spent my first two hours at Singapore Bible College reading academic journals and the time just flew by and it was time for lunch. After a short lunch over 30 mintues I resumed reading on Ezekiel. I had a chance to read about 10 books on Ezekiel and when I looked at my watch it was already 3pm and I left to catch a bus to return to Clementi to meet a couple, husband and wife who had been an encouragement to me. They had taken the iniative to meet up when they found out that I was in Singapore.

As it is my principle to never ask anything from anyone especially asking for money, I have my fair share of financial blessings from concerned individuals. This couple is especially amazing and how the Lord touched their hearts to bless me. After almost a year at College, no one was prepared to teach English and I had to volunteer to take up the course as I saw that the students must be encouraged to learn English. So the class started on a Wesnesday night towards the end of January. That very night when I got back to my College residence I received a text from this friend and that they would bank in some money into my account. Was it just a coincidence? Or is it that when one does the will of God blessings will follow? I don’t think of it much until in August during one Sunday sermon I testified of God’s goodness through this Singaporean friend and the very next day I was told that there was another amount deposited into my account. Even after 1 hour and 40 minutes of chatting with them just now I did not tell them of the circumstances and timing of their giving. Let not your right hand know what your left hand is giving. Let God be glorified and all human works give praise to Him.

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