Sunday, April 14, 2019

Baby Dedication

One of the church ceremonies that l like is the child dedication to the Lord. I was asked to conduct one such ceremony without preparation and without notice at the Sunday service today. I was thanking God for a relatively short sermon (30mins) and then the preacher and elder of the church called me and asked me to take over the dedication of a new born baby of a church member. I went up obligingly and asked the names of the parents and also whether the baby was a girl or a boy. She is a little beauty probably just one or two months old.
I have done dedication ceremonies for children aged 6 or 7 especially for new members who wanted their young children prayed for and committed to the Lord. It makes me think wherever I go I can’t really relax except perhaps my homechurch that has nothing for me to do for a year or two now. Other SIB churches whenever they see me in their midst will invite me to say the benediction and even one church asked me to say the opening prayer! After service I spent another 30 mins or so chatting with a couple of members who knew me well. I told them that it was good time for me to take a break from active ministry but I am ready to be posted anytime within the KK District.

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