Monday, April 8, 2019

Song of Songs Commentary

I have finished the first draft of my Song of Songs commentary last week just as news of the IOSOT Congress came through. For the past several days my mind was occupied by the European trip though a decision remains elusive. So tomorrow I will forget about this Congress and write a bit more on the introduction and also the conclusion. It’s just past 21,000 words and hopefully at the end it will not be more than 30,000 words about 50 pages in all.
I know by next week the Holy Week shall be upon us and I shall be seriously preparing for my three sermons. I basically have two sermons worked out in my mind and I trust in the Lord the third one will be just as smooth. Kota Kinabalu is facing one of the worst droughts in recent years. I was wondering why the churches have not prayed for rain. We need to revive the spirit of intercession in church services. At least 5 or 10 minutes must be given to pray for the nation Malaysia. One by one reforms have stalled. In fact I admire Nurul Izzah for her stance in resigning. I myself have resigned when things were going backward. It is not a job to be defended for security or money sake. It is the kingdom’s agenda and more and more people do not know the will of the Lord though they may have titles and positions.

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