Saturday, April 13, 2019

European Dream (2)

I have struggled mightily in prayers to discern God’s will whether I should attend the IOSOT Congress in Aberdeen. Soon I have to decide or withdraw my paper accepted for oral presentation at the said OT meeting. I thought my attendance would complete my presentation of the three sections of the OT - Law, Psalms (Writings) and the Prophets. At Peking University, Beijing in 2006 I presented a paper on Father-Son relationships based on the book of Genesis’s narratives of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their descendants (Law/Torah). Then ten years on in Seoul (2016) I presented a paper on the Psalms at Yonsei University and now if it comes to pass I will present a paper on the Prophets (Malachi 2:4, 8) based on Malachi’s mention of the covenant of Levi.
I felt it almost a divine necessity (dei) as even from the East to the West, God’s Word needs to be proclaimed and heard. As Paul the apostle said, “I am indebted to preach the gospel to the learned as well as to the barbarians”. Paul could only say that because he was one of the most learned persons in the ancient world of his time. In Paul’s mission he lectured at halls like the times when he was in Corinth. Though Paul was a preacher, missionary and sometimes in chains, he could mix it with the smartest and the greatest as ultimately everyone, no matter what educational background a person has or possesses he or she needs Jesus Christ, first and foremost.

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