Sunday, May 12, 2019

Praying for the Nation

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. The proof of a life of prayers is in answered prayers. I thought I had been pretty slack in praying for Malaysia since the new government came into power a year ago. But I was stirred afresh on Friday night 10.5.2019 to pray for the nation, for Malaysia and Sabah, and Sandakan in particular as the East Coast town of Sabah would be facing a by-election on 11.5., the first polls after one year of Pakatan Harapan government. The government coalition has lost three by-elections in a row in West Malaysia and I thought they simply could not afford to lose another one, especially a Parliamentary seat and that would embolden the opposition even more. So I prayed earnestly for Sandakan voters the night of 10.5 which happened to be the first anniversary of the new government in power (the PM was sworn in at 10pm, 10.5.2018). We were in a meeting of all pastors and church leaders that night and for a long time I was stirred to go up the pulpit and lead prayers for the nations.
But who am I? No position, no official ministry; out of a job so to speak. So I remained in my seat and prayed earnestly with a few pastors beside me. What a lost opportunity that night for us to intercede for the nation as a corporate church with about 400 pastors present and united in prayers. And I continued to pray when I reached home at 11pm and a few fellow pastors texted me about several things. I prayed early yesterday, Saturday when Sandakan voters were going out to vote. I prayed that the Lord would grant wisdom to the voters to choose their MP wisely and that righteousness, integrity and truth be upheld in governance at all levels in local, state and Federal administration. I did not expect a big majority. For a while because the opposition put up a strong campaign I thought the majority would be slim. But then it turned out to be a landslide win for DAP, part of the Pakatan Harapan coalition. I was told a number of DAP big guns were in Sandakan for weeks leading into the election and it bore fruits. Personally I have no preference for any party or any political affiliation. I vote for truth, meekness and justice even as the Psalmist sang, “in your majesty and splendour ride triumphantly in the cause of truth, humility and justice” (Psalm 45:4).

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