Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Serving Freely

I have always thought that if one focuses on serving the Lord, one’s needs will be taken care of. I never saw that as earning a salary or a living. Yes, it is true we live by the gospel which means by preaching the Gospel material blessings shall flow from it. So in recent times many have asked me either directly or through texts whether I have an appointment somewhere or what ministry I am currently doing. Tough to answer. Officially I am waiting for an appointment from my HQ like any other pastor who is willing to serve. But I am not tied to anything in fact I find it refreshing to serve where I want to. Tomorrow I shall be travelling into the interior again, some 28kms south of Tenom which is 4 hours drive from KK.
So I will break the journey into two, stopping in Tambunan and then continuing on my journey on Friday. I was told to be ready for preaching on Sunday so after service I may stop by again in Tambunan before heading back to KK on Monday. Normally people are concerned where one’s income would come from. Almost exactly 30 years ago when I opened my law firm it was an act of faith in God who provides and in less than 4 years of practice I managed to repay all my debts including a student loan and financed my theological study in New Zealand. So maybe I am entering a new form of service and ministry. I am free to take up invitations and free to reject invitations. If I go and preach it will be entirely my free will not expecting anything in return but that God’s name is glorified and Christ’s church built up.

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