Sunday, May 5, 2019

Widows & Orphans

The Lord is defender of widows and orphans, so the Psalmist pronounces. We see that in the early church the widows were looked after from the church funds in Jerusalem (Acts 6) and also among Gentile churches planted by Paul in Ephesus and elsewhere (1 Tim 5). Why God cares for the humble and lowly folks? Because they can’t look after themselves and also they are blessed for being poor in spirit. God’s favour and bias is always towards the downtrodden and those who can’t fend for themselves.
This morning after the Sunday service a Dusun widow came to me and whispered in my ears. She requested a prayer for her adult daughter. In fact I was their pastor 12 years ago but I felt honoured today for she had not forgotten me and in fact was bold to approach me and whispered literally in my ears. I comforted her with words of assurance. She said I was the first one she mentioned this need and then in Dusun she spoke to her son seated opposite me. The widow then asked me what I was doing. I told her I was waiting for a placement and rotating between two or three churches for worship on Sundays. I was touched by her response. “Don’t do that...just stay here” and she was the first person in 11 years who asked me to stay in her church. No one did that when I was in Singapore for 6 years and no one did that in the past 5 months since I had come down from Ranau. No wonder the Lord blessed her with His favour and I prayed to the Lord to do what she requested of me because it is not man or me but God is the defender of widows and orphans.

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