Monday, August 19, 2019

Commentary on John 1-12

I know I have been procrastinating since I got back from Singapore almost 3 weeks ago. A sermon on 11th August took some time to prepare but it is not an excuse not to keep working. So for the past week or so, I had managed to complete the commentary on John 12. Writing on John 11-12 took me almost half a year since I resigned from the Bible College. And also in the past 6 months I also wrote a short commentary on the Song of Songs (22,000 words). I wrote the commentary on John 1-10 over 2 months non-stop at the end of 2017 during which time I only took two Christmas speaking engagements, one in KK and then preached 3 times at the Sandakan's Community Town Hall.
When I add up the words, it totalled 70,000 words for my commentary on John 1-12. With minor revisions and editorial work, I think it will not exceed 75,000 words which is between a Masters' and doctoral thesis in length. Then I have to decide to publish this which would mean if I finish John 13-21, this commentary will be in two volumes as many commentaries on biblical books are nowadays. As it is in Malay, it will be the first book I will publish in Malay and I look forward to that day, if it ever comes. My semi-autobiography (in English) is way past 92,000 words and it's been sitting there for the last 2 years but it means I may include a final chapter of my experience of 2018. One thing that excites me is to figure out a way to draw the map of Sabah and note the 100 villages and towns throughout the State that I had visited and ministered in from 1994-2019. I could also work to translate my book into Malay (primary target audience of Christians who speak Malay), tentatively called, "Memoirs of a Modern Missionary" or "Stranger in all the Earth": My life and ministry among the indigenous peoples of Borneo (1994-2019).

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