Tuesday, August 20, 2019

New Man, New Purpose

As I was driving down to KK city centre this morning, I felt a sense of exhilaration in my car as I was listening to spiritual songs and worshipping the Lord. I felt a sense of newness - a new man in Christ (2 Cor 5) and a sense of renewed purpose and mission. My 2nd hand Triton just clocked 90,000 kms since I bought it 5 years ago at 25,000kms. I did about 51,000kms in my 49 months in Ranau & Namaus Bible College. Now from this week onwards I shall be travelling into the interior again; first to Kinabalu to conduct an end time seminar and then the following week to Kota Belud. In the third week of September I shall be heading north (Rungus & Dusuns of Kudat) before turning south in the last week of the month preaching among the Lundayehs and Muruts of Sipitang.
I don't know how much mileage my 4-wheel double-cap truck will have accomplished by the end of the year. I am planning for a long long trip to Semporna in the East Coast of Sabah where a number of kidnappings took place in the past decade. My College home group donated a sum of money to the new church in Semporna when the Ranau MP came visiting. I don't know whether I could plan it for the early part of November before the Christmas season begins in earnest early December and I shall be travelling again then. I don't like driving, especially on my own. I don't attend events involving an hour or more of driving if I don't have to. But if I travel it is because I shall be preaching the Word of Lord and hence, the reason for journeying, not for myself but for the Lord as part of His command to "follow Him".

For the first time in recent memory I did not attend the annual Youth Conference last week (40th edition). Usually I would attend at least one meeting at night to lend support and also to see what the youths are up to. But this year I stayed home. I don't want to be asked whether I had a posting in ministry and about my future plans. I think the youths could do better in organising future conferences. Nowadays it is a series of messages, sometimes unrelated and dependent on the speakers although there is one main theme for every Conference. There should be talks and sessions for University students and young adults. How to be a witness at Universities and shine for Jesus and also how to excel in studies or pursuit of postgraduate study locally and abroad. For young adults, choosing or starting a career, a business or family are hot button issues, rarely touched upon in the last few Conferences. Perhaps divide the youths into groups during the day sessions - 19-23 (University students); and young adults (24-35).

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