Friday, October 11, 2019

24 Hours

Many things could happen in 24 hours. Yesterday was one such day. I submitted two manuscripts to two publishers. I went to see one at 10am and had a phone conversation with another at 3pm. Things are almost done. I dare believe that the Commentary on John's Gospel (1-12) will be published by 1st December (my 25th anniversary in full-time service) and the memoirs on my mission work by Christmas or latest Chinese New Year 2020. Now I have to find space to store 1,000 copies of books. I will probably build new book-shelves in my study-room, which is now in a big mess with boxes and unpacked notes and books lying around. It is time to spend some money. The publications will cost a fair bit and I will probably sell each book for RM50 or to my Singaporean audience (SGD20+10postage) or international buyers (USD20+10) for delivery and postage.
I texted my son and we had a long chat over several things. He is moving house again and rent in Auckland for one single room is about NZD300 per week. He wants to buy an apartment (cheapest NZD600K in Auckland) and after almost 4 years in employment, he can't even put down 5% deposit. I was a bit upset with him and sent him a youtube link on savings and cutting down on expenses. The award for one-month writers' scholarship in Auckland also threw my plans for 2020 into the air. As my future is uncertain in every sense of the word, it is difficult to do anything except wait and pray. But at least, hearing from my son and feeling sorry for him, I have started looking for gainful employment in ministry. I have been sitting on my lap, just writing and preaching from one place to another, but that can't put bread on the table, let alone helping my son to save that 5% for home deposit.

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