Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Preparation for Sermons in Banggi Island

I don't think I have had a busier 48 hours in long time. Yesterday by noon I had settled on my book. The second book is about ready but I will put it on hold until I figure out where to store about 1,000 copies in my house or somewhere. Today was sermon preparation day. I managed to get one sermon ready for Pulau Banggi for next Friday service. I am preaching three times there, so two more sermons to go. Then this Sunday I am also preaching, so this afternoon I prepared for the Sunday message.
With my 25th anniversary's service coming on 1st December, I have my text ready from the book of Numbers. This morning I heard clearly from the Lord what I was going to say on my 25th anniversary thanksgiving service. My (former) students are chipping in. One person is organising accommodation for those from outstation where most of them are based in ministry now. Some are preparing for the songs and service. My part is paying for the catering for the food and preaching, yes preaching!. I expect about 70 people and any number more than 100 will be very tight in the Ministry Centre, though some 13 years ago, 180 youths packed into it for a Bible Conference. The Sunday sermon for Banggi Island too is about ready (Sacrifice of the first-born) which means only the Saturday night sermon is left which if God impresses on my heart, I will preaching from the parables of Jesus. It seems as I write, all three sermons are taking shape including the one on Sunday and the most significant one in about 6 weeks' time.

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