Saturday, November 9, 2019

Departure Points again

Perhaps the Lord is telling me something. This morning I calculated the number of places the Israelites had departed and moved on to another place (Numbers 33). After 33 stops and departures, Aaron died at the age of 123 and the Israelites stopped over in 7 more places before crossing the Jordan into the promised land. A total of 40 places in 40 years, on average they moved once a year, all departures in the wilderness by the command of the Lord through Moses. By the time they reached the 40th place Moses had completed his ministry of 40 years and he also died before reaching the promised land.
I had moved and departed from 15 places in these past 25 years in about 8 or 9 positions of ministry including three times going to New Zealand for theological education. Only in the past year I have lived in my house for about a year since moving in 13 years ago and stayed there for about 10 months before going to NZ for a short break just before starting my Singapore's ministry. I have gone into and departed from at least 120 villages that I preached in, but I only remember 100 or so names of places. That's why Moses wrote down their departure points so they don't forget how the Lord led them step by step, stage by stage, and place to place. It is exactly where I am at now, waiting to depart to another stage of ministry. I have no idea where or when by when God commands I will depart at His Word.

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