Wednesday, November 20, 2019

New Stirrings

The Spirit of God is stirring afresh in my heart. I have been getting up real early, sometimes before 4am. I sensed God’s presence strong as I wait upon Him until sunrise. By 7am I was working on my John’s Gospel commentary and editing ch. 8 with four more chapters to go after this. I hope by the end of the year I can find a publisher and print my book and it should be out by the first quarter of 2020. My other book is delayed as the printers are based in Kuala Lumpur and shipping takes at least two weeks from KL to KK after the printing is done.
So the target now is Christmas according to my KK publishers. One good thing is that I have more time to find space for the 20 boxes or so. I may just buy 2 or 3 big shelves but space is premium in my humble abode. My 25th anniversary thanksgiving service in the beginning of December got a boost last Sunday when most church members I invited confirmed that they would be attending. I am praying that my former student who is now a senior pastor during my Melangkap days in 1994-1995 could also make it. I extended my invitation to him when I met him at the College’s convocation. I expect altogether about 60 or 70 people just right for the Ministry Centre that can seat 100 people comfortably. My former students who are pastors in various church have suggested the initial gathering and it is so kind of them to help me organise and lead the thanksgiving service. It is time to give thanks to God for 25 years in the Lord’s service. I could write a book on it; in fact I did just that how the Lord has led me in this past quarter of a century. It is not a short time, but it is Silver Jubilee. It is time to take stock before the next departure point. Where or when I shall go remains a mystery but knowing the Lord and trusting in Him, His plans are only for good and His purposes are everlasting. Those who pursue God’s plan will have everlasting fruits, not just in the earth but much more so for eternal life with God.

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