Saturday, February 8, 2020

John's Gospel, A Commentary (John 1-12)

"A desire fulfilled is a tree of life" (Proverbs). I have not felt such joy for a long time. It was a second Pentecost for me. After 50 days since the publication of my memoirs (19th December 2019), the commentary on the Gospel of John (1-12) is finally here. I have read and proof-read the manuscript countless times in the past months, but it is not the same as looking at it in a book form. What is written stays written and when it is written in a book, it lasts forever, as long as the form of this world remains, though the world (and all books) passes away since only those who do the will of God lasts forever.
The John's commentary is thicker and slightly heavier than my Departure Points, though the latter has more than 15,000 words compared to the commentary. When written in Malay, 236-page book is considered "long" or lengthy but I trust in the Lord that it will be a blessing for readers of Bahasa, in particular Bahasa Malaysia. My denomination is 99% Malay-speaking and I guess less than 5% of all members can read English, that means there is a huge demand for Malay books, if only believers learn to read and have the passion for God's Word. I pray that my book will birth a new culture in my denomination where ordinary members will begin to love to read and by reading, they are equipped theologically, ready to give an account of their faith for the glory of God through Jesus Christ. Praise be unto God.

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