Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Short Stay in Singapore

By the grace of God, I returned to Sabah in good health after a short stay in Singapore. I was entertained by angels, God's messengers who helped his Servant who is devoted to Him. Even to the very last day, friends sought me out and I had an Italian lunch at the Central Business District before heading to the Airport. All in all a worthwhile trip with 12 boxes of books shipped back to Kota Kinabalu. I met a former classmate (Secondary 1) whom I had not seen for 43 years and we were overjoyed to be reconnected and he took me round my former School, St Patrick's Katong.
The two meetings where I spoke went extremely well. I spoke with authority (of God's Spirit) and garnered a healthy discussion until 11pm at a Men's Fellowship. On Sunday I preached at the English service of an Anglican Church but attendance was low, perhaps due to the Covid-19 virus. But friendships and fellowship was what drove me to go to Singapore in the first place. I met up with those who really wanted to meet with me, mostly on their initiative either through Linkedln or WhatsApp. As for me, it is a matter of the Lord bringing people who want to hear God's Word or that I could have some spiritual input in their lives. More often than not, it was mutual edification. I told the Men's Fellowship that if God could find 10 righteous men in this land, He would spare Singapore. I told the church on Sunday, if God could find just one man or Christian leader/pastor to stand in the gap, God may deliver Singapore from deadly pestilence.

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