Saturday, May 2, 2020

"You must prophesy against many peoples, nations, tongues, and kings" (Rev 10:11)

Revelation 10:11 is a verse that I have lived with constantly since I commenced my study on the book of Revelation in 1999. But only in the past week it became clear to me that this Scripture is being fulfilled in my life and ministry. Despite the travel ban to many countries during the Covid-19, the world is connected like never before as the internet boom has been upon us for the last two decades and especially in the past 10 years where various apps and social media platforms have proliferated and each and everyone who has something to say to the world is able to do so with relative ease. As for Revelation 14:6, I wrote in a paper before that the angel flying in mid-air proclaiming the eternal gospel is a sign of global connectivity and communication through the internet that almost 2/3 the world shares at this present time.
My blog enters its 14th year, though the 2.0 was refreshed in 2012 after almost a year's break in 2011. But blogging is an old platform but it is still as good as any to write lengthy opinion pieces but most of my blogposts are under 500 words. Through my blog, I have reached at least 250,000 readers since 2006. My other social media platforms are still new (Instagram coming to 3 years with more than 200 followers and not so new, my LinkedIn (12 years) and in recent days I have started my Youtube out of necessity due to the MCO and wanting my sermons to be put into video format instead of just audio recording. As for me, audio recording is just as good and I am thinking that my next move would be a podcast. But many people are more visual and they rather turn on to watch and listen rather than just listen to a voice in their phones or laptops. As far as Rev 10:11 is concerned, the pandemic (global) Covid-19 disease is a first in 100 years. Is it a precursor of end-time unfolding events before us in this decade of the 2020s? At the very least, we are now at a threshold - all peoples, nations, tongues including kings/governments need to hear the eternal gospel - "Fear God and give glory to Him! For the hour of His judgment has come; worship Him who made the heavens and earth, the sea and springs of water" (Rev 14:6-7).

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