Monday, April 27, 2020

Preacher in Borneo

I thought I could sleep last night since I ended one of the longest and most intensive ministry period in my life. It started when I received news that church closure was the order of the day even before the government so ordered under the Movement Control Order which is now in its 6th week. I have lost count of the number of sermons I preached in the past 50 days, perhaps at least 20 in all, as sometimes besides Friday and Sunday I also shared mid-week short devotions. Now I am listless and restless despite having a week off from preaching until next Sunday. Perhaps the intensity and mentally sapping times had gotten to me, psychologically I felt unsure how the times would pan out. It is simply unnatural just to speak into a microphone connected to a laptop without a soul in front. Yesterday, as I woke up early the last thing I wanted to do was to record another sermon. I thought I could not make it but God intervened and granted me strength in the midst of my anxiety and between 8:15am-9am, I preached one of the most impactful messages yet.
At least 5 or 6 people responded positively compared to zero response last week. Furthermore, an offer from a church member to put my recorded sermon on Youtube gave me a shot in the arm and much to ponder. I play catch up with technology; for the past 15 years since YouTube was first launched I had been a consumer at least in the past three years when I was alone in the Bible College and I spent one or two hours a day watching different contents on Youtube. Now my sermon is on Youtube and it's about time that I am a content creator and not just a consumer. My longish sermon (Principles of Success) was uploaded to my church's Youtube channel and it premiered at 8pm, 26th April with about 10 people watching and listening to it live along with live-chat which I did not engage with. But after several hours, I thought it best I should start a channel myself and here it is - BorneoPreacher (

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