Saturday, April 25, 2020

Working Doubly Hard

Tomorrow will be my 7th week in a row preaching twice on a Sunday and Friday's prayer meeting. It is the sixth Sunday of the MCO (movement control order). Before the MCO, I also preached on the 15th March and then on Tuesday night, 17th. Recording sermons is even tougher than preaching before a live audience in church. First, I have to record with the best equipment I have which is using a pair of earphones with microphone plucked into my MacBook. Then I airdrop it to my phone and listen to the the recording at least once, sometimes twice until I am happy with the content and delivery before uploading it to the church's WhatsApp groups and also to several individuals who have requested for the sermons.
But next Sunday will be different because I have enlisted my elders to preach on alternate Sunday and deacons will be doing most of the Friday's devotions before prayers. I expect less work from tomorrow once I get my sermon done. I have tried writing in the meantime and there are at least two projects in the pipeline, one of which is the continuation of the commentary of John's Gospel from ch 13 to 21. But I need to sense the inspiration (the anointing from the Lord) which I do not feel currently. Yesterday I recorded my Friday sermon lasting about 30 minutes and I was feeling the exhaustion today so much so until evening comes I have little energy in the tank to record another sermon for tomorrow. Lord, I have not run away from being a pastor and I have not desired the woeful day (Jeremiah 17:16).

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