Thursday, April 16, 2020

Money & Movement Control Order

In some ways money goes a long way under the Movement Control Order. Yesterday I filled up my tank with RM20.00 petrol and thought it might not reach 25% of the tank, but lo and behold the service attendant had to help me because it was too full. Petrol grade-95 now costs MYR1.25 a litre (about MYR1 less) and for a whole month I only spent RM30.00 for gas. But I only drive once in three days, going out only to buy fresh bread and meat. But I am suffering psychologically as I am a social being, love mixing with the crowds, even my two books were revised and completed mostly at MacDonald's amidst the crowds and customers. Now that instead of spending MYR300.00 per month on petrol, I save RM270.00.
Perhaps even when the MCO is lifted, I will drive and travel less and try to get my petrol bill down to MYR200.00 per month as the cost of petrol is bound to go up. But the price of face masks has gone up. It used to cost only 80cents each but now it is MYR3 at Watson's. I even told the salesgirl that I thought the government had set the price ceiling at MYR1.50 each but their response was that it was a different brand! Maybe just coloured orange for doubling the price! Nonetheless, it was the first time face masks are on sale since the MCO was put into effect. We bought a few before I went to Singapore last February and we have not used up what we had stored up. The MCO could be prolonged into next month and perhaps even until June if we see a resurgence of infections or new clusters here and there. This second quarter of the year is self-isolation time, and I pray that in the second half of the year when things clear up, we will make up for lost time and re-double our efforts to serve the Lord, equipping the saints, and bringing everyone into maturity of Christ through His Word.

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