Monday, April 6, 2020

"Work While It Is Still Day" (John 9)

We are coming to almost three weeks now since the Movement Control Order (MCO) was promulgated by the Malaysian government. In the past 3 weeks I have done nothing but to shepherd the little flock which the Lord has entrusted me. Right till the last hour, I spoke at church on 17th March before the order came into effect. And I have time for reflection in these 20 days. I imagine myself barely 6 months ago when I started in earnest in completing my books, first on Departure Points, then the Malay commentary on John's Gospel (1-12). Even at the height of Covid-19 crisis in the third week of February 2020, I went to Singapore when there was a lull of daily infections (it went down several days in a row before and after the time when I was in Singapore) with no one predicting that Singapore would be entering a "lockdown" from tomorrow for a whole month. So in less than three months, I have accomplished three things - publication of my two books (late December 2019, then mid-February 2020) and bringing my 300 books back from Singapore.
I landed back in Sabah on the day (24th February) when Tun Dr M resigned as Malaysia's 7th PM. Little did I realise events were soon to unfold on 1st March (appointment of Malaysia's 8th PM) and then a sudden surge of Cover-19 cases in Malaysia that led to the MCO on 18th March. As I look back at these momentous events and happenings, I am certainly glad in the Lord that I have "worked while it was still day" because when night comes, no man can work. Night has come, and darkness reigns and no man can work during this MCO period. Now I know it was the Lord's Spirit who stirred me afresh last September to revise my books for publication. There were many hurdles no less at that time and I could have just procrastinated, not least that the financing of my two books came from my retirement savings which I am still using now as this MCO may be prolonged for at least a month or two before we see the light at the end of the tunnel. I could have also delayed my trip to Singapore at friends' advice, but I persisted and went and my books are back with me in Sabah. Now I am at peace and at rest, only that I am busy preparing two recorded sermons per week, one on Friday and another on Sunday. Most of our church members are somewhat connected by WhatsApp groups (thanks to technology of today) and hopefully, by listening to God's Word spoken in season, they will have the strength to see this MCO to the end and that when we are free again, we will work while it is still day because there is not a moment to waste as the next crisis or pandemic could be just around the corner and night comes again.

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