Monday, April 13, 2020

Moses Shepherded the Flock

Just a fortnight before the MCO was announced, I had reached the beginning of Exodus 3 where Moses was said to be keeping his father-in-law's sheep and goats. For all intents and purposes, Moses was a shepherd for the 40 years that he spent in the wilderness of Midian in the company of his wife and his in-laws. For a long time Moses would have thought he would breathe his last as a foreigner in a foreign land. His talents as a well-educated former adopted royal offspring seemed to have gone to waste. But God knows and it is God who chooses. When God appeared to Moses, it is clear that there is no one else who will replace Moses as His choice - "you (singular) will bring this people out of Egypt" (Exod 3:12). The inscrutability of God's choice, one may wonder. But this passage gives a lot of hope to those who think that they are forsaken by men, even perhaps by God. God never makes mistakes. Whom He calls, He equips and when His time comes, God will call again and the person will come to the fulness of God's plan and purposes for his life.
As for me, I am now content in looking after my little flock. I don't even know who listen to my recorded sermons. Perhaps at most 50 people plus a couple more from my former churches in Likas, KK and Muhibbah, Ranau. Yesterday was supposed to be a celebration of Christ's resurrection. But there was hardly anything to celebrate. I listened to the HQ's live-streaming services on Good Friday and also yesterday. Yesterday's sermon lasted less than 15 mins and whole service for 28 minutes. It was a bit short to say the least. I had already recorded a sermon last Monday, just after the news of Boris Johnson was admitted to hospital but before he was taken into ICU. Praise God he is out of danger and seems to be recovering well with his short video remarks over Twitter. I prayed for Boris Johnson three times. I asked God to save his life and let him live. Forgive his sins that he might lead Britain to great heights and that we might again see an English revival in our life time as in times past.

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