Friday, September 18, 2020

Teaching Teenagers

Sometimes it is good to listen to outside speakers once a while. They bring a fresh perspective on things. Even from Christian politicians. A few of my leaders and I went to listen to a Member of Parliament from Kuala Lumpur. I have already read her book so I was not that surprised with what she shared. Yet it was good to listen to her in person. The YB mentioned a few things that the Lord used to confirm what I have been doing. I am glad a few elders and deacons were also there and they could evaluate what was being spoken. The MP said that it was important to give priority to children's and teenage's ministry. In her words, "send your best pastors to teach Sunday school and teenagers." It was like an arrow from the Lord when she said that. I was pleased that before the MCO came into effect that I had started this young teenage Bible class. This Sunday we are going to cover John 4 on worship. The MP also said that she always wanted a testimony in her mouth to glorify God and for that one had to face and overcome challenges. I was pretty pleased to hear that because I shared my many testimonies from the pulpit. Half of it are recorded in my book, "Departure Points". These are my testimonies and I had to overcome many challenges to experience God's power and miracle in my life. I have to walk by faith and not by sight. The third thing she said is that if "good people don't get involved in politics, you will get those people with ulterior motives" like corrupt, power-hungry and those incapable to lead and administer the State and country. 

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