Thursday, September 24, 2020

War Horse (2)

I did not get to advertise the sale of my double-cab Triton, as my war horse holds much sentimental value to me. If I have it maintained, it may run up to 200,000kms and that will be another 10 years of use, since I don't drive it so often now. In the past fortnight when flash floods occurred often, it is good to know that one has a car with a higher ground clearance. With much politicking in the State, the roads are filled with many potholes and I wish the politicians just focus on their work, and give all the civil servants the necessary guidance and encouragement to get the job done. Streets are flooded everywhere because plastic bags clog up the drains and clearing of drains and maintenance thereof falls behind schedule. I remember clearly 20 years in Dunedin, in the middle of winter when my drain outside the house clogged up with fallen autumn leaves, the crew from Dunedin Town council came within 60 minutes and two strong Kiwis in their shorts (I was wearing three-layered cloths) cleared up the drains in no time. How I wish in Malaysia and in Sabah we have such efficient and effective services for residents since we pay taxes including house assessment rates every quarter. Even if it is only once or twice, whether it is for ministry or returning to my wife's village, it is good to hold on to hold on to car as long as possible, though I may reconsider my decision later on. Church work is as busy as ever because every week, I preach or teach a young teenage class. The class runs for 1.5 hours. Praise God that most teenagers are still coming for the classes and I am getting to know them better now. 

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