Saturday, November 20, 2021

New Stirrings Again

Exactly two years ago I wrote a blogpost of the same title which I re-read today as a visitor from overseas logged in to the blogpost. Two years ago today I had nothing, 10 months out of a ministry and waiting for my next appointment which came on 30th Nov 2019. I started my current ministry on 1st January 2020 and it is coming to an abrupt end by year’s end. But new stirrings began days ago after nearly 7 weeks of crying out to God, sometimes on my bed in wakeful moments during the early hours of the morning. My life since I gave up my law practice almost 30 years ago has been a life of faith, thrusting into the unknown, following Christ, who is God invisible to the ends of the earth in Feb 1993 with a few earthly possessions with only my wife and a toddler in tow. When I landed in NZ, I sat in one of Auckland’s many squares and asked God, “where are You leading me?”

All my possessions were packed in three or four suitcases with a few books and our personal belongings. I did the same entering into the interior of Borneo with my family and few luggage packed into the HQ’s van on 30th Nov 1994. 25 years on, I packed all my things into the trunk of my pickup truck twice moving in and moving out of Namaus, Ranau where our Bible College is located. At least this time, I had to go up to Ranau another time to pick up 10 boxes of my books before retrieving 300 books from Singapore late Feb 2020, just before the Covid19 pandemic broke out in the world. New stirrings today came from the prospect of my future ministry. I will probably settle into a full-time author. I am working on two books preparing them for e-books publication on Amazon. A good friend in the States will help me see this process through, formatting, design and etc. I had just requested a good friend in Singapore to read “Departure Points”, the first person whom I asked to comment on my “memoirs”. Another Singaporean friend is reading A Woman in Love, a short commentary on the Song of Solomon. Working from home will be my mainstay in the near future. I need to decide whether to get a desktop iMac 24 inch or the newly released laptop MacBook Pro 16inch. I need a larger screen than my current 13 inch laptops for better viewing, a double-sided writing, reading and editing of my books. On occasions I still want to go outside to write, even if it is on my lap in my car, as I did for my previous three books, mostly written at McDonald’s, sipping coffee with my favourite hotcakes sweetened in syrup sauce. 

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