Monday, November 8, 2021

Samuel & Saul

I was going to name this post as “Saul & Samuel” giving preference to the former due to his position as king. But in God’s eyes, Samuel was one chosen by Him and speaks forth His Word at His bidding and there is no greater honour than one being God’s spokesman and mouthpiece. Interestingly, before heading to church yesterday I read a devotion on Saul and Samuel and the author noted that Samuel had lived all his life about 5 miles from Saul’s residence, but the latter never sought the counsel of the former during his 40-year reign. It struck home because my house is even less than 5 miles, in fact only 5kms from where my HQ is located. However, only about 10 days ago for the first time in three years a senior leader dropped by and kind of sought my advice on a couple of things.

I would not have thought that as significant until this morning while having meaning tea in a coffee shop, a District leader greeted me and he too chatted briefly with me and I told him a thing or two about our denomination’s Constitution and I was surprised to see him making notes in his mobile about the several points I was making. He was probably just past 20 when I first knew him and now in his early 40s he is the Chairman of one of the biggest churches in town. Again, like the word of the Lord in Isaiah says, “they found me whom they had not sought” (Isaiah 65:1). How incredible that Saul would rule for such a long time in Israel but he was totally indifferent to spiritual things which only God’s prophets could give and counsel. No wonder many today like Saul and his cohorts hid in caves for they have turned away from the Lord while those anointed by Samuel like David rose up to fight the Goliaths of today. It is the Spirit that profiteth, and the flesh profits nothing. The spiritual man discerns all things but he himself is not judged (1 Cor 2:15)

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