Saturday, November 6, 2021

Why I am not a Lecturer

There was something I dreaded for 6 years in Singapore and 4 years in Ranau. It was the graduation ceremonies with full academic regalia for faculty. I suffered three and a half hours of torture at the Ranau community Hall when the ceremony went on forever. I wonder what Jesus would say to most graduation ceremonies conducted by most Seminaries. Can we simplify things, localize our attire and adapt to our true calling to bear the cross of Jesus Christ and declare the truth of the Gospel?

Without the power of the Holy Spirit, we are powerless and without the power of God we can become like salt that lost its saltiness. I do not mean to belittle theological education or the work of Seminaries. I have studied theology for 6 years from Bachelor to PhD. But I have no time for ceremony or pomp as I did not attend either my BTheol or my doctorate conferment. Both times I was thick in the work of God when the graduation ceremonies were held. First, I was in the interior of Sabah and second, I was busy pastoring my home church in Kota Kinabalu. I did not see the need to attend both ceremonies though as for the latter my late father offered to sponsor for return trip to NZ. As a sign of respect for my dad I took a photo in my doctoral gown and he was truly proud that hos eldest son had reached the pinnacle of academic achievement. As for me it was all for the glory of God and I am still inspired as ever to serve this mighty God who is all loving for His gentleness has made me great. 

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