Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Into the Midst of Years (Habakkuk)

Just a short two years in America but Samuel Morris' legacy lives on. He was a Spirit-filled young man, and prayed to the Father whom he called, "God My father, Jesus my brother and the Holy Ghost my sunlight". Amazing faith how he converted half the crew of rough men in the ship from Liberia to New York and how students in Taylor University were also converted through his testimony and prayers and many were touched and called by God to go to Africa as missionaries. As for me, this is my 28th year in Christian service. How much impact have I left? I used to say that one person's life could be measured on how many people come for the deceased's funeral and Samuel Morris's funeral was attended by hundreds in the city where he lived for two years. If I look back, I would think my three years as Treasurer-General of SIB was the most impactful, not so much for fund raising and financial management, but the travels into villages preaching 300 sermons in three years. When Rafael Nadal said yesterday that he was no longer 21 years old, I could also say that I am no longer 32 years old. It was the 2nd year of my short stint at HQ when I traveled 28 times outside of Kota Kinabalu into the interior of Borneo for revival meetings and that year alone in 1997, I probably preached more than 150 sermons to ten of thousands people including 1,000 youths at an Anglican event most of whom came forward to be prayed for with signs and wonders following. My Singapore's sojourn as much as it was significant, was only marginally impactful compared to my 3-year period from Dec 1995-Nov 1998. My 50 months up in Ranau after my return from Singapore was no less important, though by that time I could say that I was no longer in my 40s, having entered my 5th decade of life in 2014. Now I am based in Kota Kinabalu and no longer travel for ministry. I will wait on the Lord as I seek to do His will for in His time, everything will be made beautiful. 

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