Thursday, May 12, 2022

Momentous Week

It has been a momentous week. Last Saturday the French President was inaugurated into a 2nd term after winning re-election with South Korea’s President Yoon inaugurated into his first and only 5-year term last Tuesday and on the same day, on 10th May news came that Ferdinand Marcos Jr had won Philippine’s Presidency in a landslide. On Monday 9th May Europe celebrated the end of WW2 and Russia’s Victory Day though this year brings much uncertainty as the war between Russia and Ukraine rages on. It has been a momentous week.

I celebrated my 40th anniversary in the baptism of the Holy Spirit on May 9th and water baptism on May 10th 1982. On Sunday May 8th I preached my first sermon before a live audience in almost a year and the Lord anointed me with a great anointing overflowing and that 40 minutes seemed to be 10 minutes and I could have gone on for another 40 mins without breaking a sweat. It has been a momentous week. When I shared about John the Baptist three weeks ago and how Luke described the reign and year of Augustus Caesar and the two Herods and another ruler in divided Israel, the word of the Lord came to John in the wilderness. Likewise in this momentous week in world’s politics, in the ascension of three Presidents within days and a major War in 77 years, the word of the Lord came to me in Ranau and everyone who heard knew they have heard the oracles of God and His will made known to His people.

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