Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Teaching John's Writings

If things go well, I shall be teaching an intensive course on Johannine literature at my former College in the forthcoming Semester. The dates are to be fixed by mutual agreement and I do pray that it will work out by God's will. I was extremely reluctant to accept the invitation at first for various reasons, least of all, my reluctance to travel far. Ten days ago when I preached in Ranau was due to some persuasion from the Ranau's church to see their former pastor. But yesterday, a couple of my former students sent me Teachers' Day's greetings and both reminded me that my teaching had been an instrument of God's grace in their lives and impacted them until today.

One was a former student from my first year in full-ministry in Melangkap in 1994. The other was a graduating student from my time as Acting Principal at Namaus in 2016. I felt since it was already two years ago that I taught a course at the College, it's time for me to be a blessing to the graduating class of 2022. It will be a fourth year course in the BTheol programme. I still retain hope of seeing my students rise to positions of prominence and leadership in the denomination. As John's writings consist of 5 books, one Gospel, three letters and one Apocalypse, it will be tough to fit everything within the 5-day intensive course. But it is better than nothing and as my former student put it - "they need the knowledge that teacher can bring" (Pelajar memerlukan ilmu yang guru dapat berikan). I hope through the lectures and interaction, I can impart sound biblical knowledge especially in the Johannine literature. Further, it will give me another opportunity to visit a couple more Ranau churches to sell my books in John's Gospel for the glory of God.

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