Thursday, August 11, 2022

Books Once More

I was surprised a couple of weeks ago to find my Departure Points on Google Scholar. But it must be by divine appointment since now I can refer my prospective buyers or interested parties to go to the link and they can access the first 38 pages. Further, on my publishers' website (, there are a few pages extra uploaded recently with photos inside of the book. That would help promote the book further than just the front and back covers.

I felt it was tinely as I needed to update my CV for a library scholarship that I am applying. Now only my Song of Songs has not garnered any feedback since it's only out last month. But I did ask my referee to read it since I listed in my application that the Song of Songs' commentary is one of my three most significant publications. 

Out of my four books, it is hard for me to choose but Departure Points is equally significant depending on the audience. As a Christian for a long time I love reading biographies of God's servants in recent past or in church history. These real life stories could be really inspiring as I hope my Departure Points to be. 

In fact, inspiring the most common word or feedback from my readers. The first reader from Australia used the word as well as "insightful". I gave him a copy since it came hot from the press and he is a good friend who came all the way from Melbourne. I believe if you read any of my books including the book of Revelation, you will find yourself blessed. I reconnected with my first reader of 17 years ago who emailed me from Jerusalem. He is a prolific writer himself and he has very kind words about the Revelation's monograph. 

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