Saturday, August 13, 2022

List of Book Projects (2022-2025)

When I wrote my research proposal for Ecclesiastes, one of the verses that stood out for me is one taken from Eccles 9 where Solomon the king said that "in the grave where we are all going, there will be no work nor planning...". Interesting to note that while we still live on earth, there will be much work to do and much planning. As far as I am concerned, now coming to 10 months since October last year, I have been thinking and planning my writing projects for the next 2 or 3 years. I have accomplished what I had set out to do at the end of last year which was to finish and publish my revised version of my Song of Songs' commentary.

Since March this year, I have been hard at work on my Galatians' commentary which I hope to finish by early next year and publish by middle of 2023 and then I will begin to write a book on Ecclesiastes. It won't be a commentary but a book on themes and theology from the book of Ecclesiastes which of late I find to be most fascinating. 

Since I turned 55 years old a few years ago I have turned to the book of Ecclesiastes time and time again, making it essential reading for me, at least twice or three times a year, which means I am into my 7th or 8th reading of the whole book now and by the time I write a book on it I probably will reach the perfect 10. 

After the book of Ecclesiastes from the OT, I will turn to the NT.  As for me, I try to write one book in OT followed by the NT and then OT again. It might be the second volume on John's Gospel and I hope to get in done by 2025 which is five years after I published the first volume (Feb 2020). The last book, whether you call it the 7th or 8th book that I want to write is the book of Revelation, perhaps in 2027 or later, God willing. Kyrie Eleison! 

The table of books is as follows:

1) Revelation (2005, revised PhD thesis)

2) Departure Points (25 years' ministry in commemoration) [Jan 2020]

3) The Gospel of John 1-12 (Feb 2020)

4) The Song of Songs (June 2022) 40th anniversary in Christ edition 

5) Galatians (2023) 

6) Ecclesiastes (2024) 30 years' ministry in celebration

7) The Gospel of John 13-21 (2025)

8) The book of Revelation (2029?).

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