Tuesday, February 25, 2014

3 Days before 40-Day Wait

I told a pastor friend on the 19th January that I would wait and pray for 40 days before doing anything about my future. This 40-day period is up in 3 days and by the 28th Feb, I think I will be a bit more pro-active in seeking for ministry openings. Not that I am in a hurry and if it is at all possible I don't mind taking 6 months off work or even one year long sabbatical. I have many reasons to take an extended time off, physically I feel tired about preaching and teaching for 6 years without much of a rest. In the past 5 months I have preached 30 times and in the next 2 weeks I shall be conducting a day-long seminar on Revelation in Singapore and then in Kuala Lumpur. Who is adequate for all these?
So today I got a pleasant invitation to lunch by another pastor friend and he encouraged me to be proactive in pursuing God's calling, a spur for me not to wait too long though I did tell him that my 40-day wait is about to end. After lunch he took me for a drive and for the first time in Singapore I went into a show unit private apartments for sale, going for S$1,400 psf. I smiled to myself and if not for my friend I would be too embarassed to make enquiry on buying apartments in Singapore, seeing that the price is out of this world which will cost me a pound of flesh or two. I have to intention of paying RM 5,000 for just one square foot of concrete space since our Father in heaven is the Lord of all the earth and every inch of this world belongs to Him and to those who fear Him will inherit all things in Christ.

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